Nordic HairContrast

Monday, May 17 | 2010

Ever wonder what you would look like if your hair was thicker, or longer, or had a funky color inserted into your current style? 

The NORDIC HAIR Fashion SystemTM has achieved explosive growth due to the tremendous time and resources Nordic HairContrast has devoted to Hair Quality, Product Innovation and Hair Care. This is why discriminating clients around the world are insisting that their stylists stop using hair extensions and start using Nordic HairTM!

Unlike hair extensions, the Nordic Hair Fashion System does more than create length. It is a fashion tool that will inspire even the most accomplished hairstylist:
  • Nordic Hair adds volume and texture for thin or damaged hair
  • It will add color for those looking to add highlights or depth without the use of chemical treatments
  • It gives innovative stylists the opportunity to create exciting new effects for all hair colors and hair types, whether short, long, straight or wavy. The number of uses for Nordic Hair is limited only by the stylist’s imagination and skill!