Tuesday, March 30 | 2010

Yesterday a Chrome Hearts and Barbie exhibition launched, in Selfridges’s Wonder Rooms. Thirty-nine inch-tall dolls, wearing hand-crafted silver jewellery and leather from the company will stay in the store for two weeks, before going to Tokyo, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Hair dresser Oribe (who looks like he’s having a right laugh) styled the doll’s hair.

The Barbies are valued at 17,000 to 25, 000 Euros each

Emma Joe and Sky were joined by Barbie ‘So In Style’ dolls - a collection of mixed race and black Barbies, which includes a handsome boy, Darren. He is said to be heavily into sport and music; and excels in geography.

Each are dressed in Rocawear and cost a more palatable £25 each.